Our story

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First of June is the title of a love story. It was founded by Pria Angga Saputra and Cecile Schimmel. They met on the first of June 2014 and have been inseparable ever since. Her roots lay in the Netherlands, his in the Javanese city Yogyakarta. They now live together in Bali and design the First of June collection.

We believe in the 'slow fashion' approach; so no products that only last a season, but high quality products that last long, timeless designs, no mass production but only limited editions, eco-friendly production methods to minimize negative impacts on environment and an ethical and transparent production process.

Most of our designs are implemented with a subtle link to Indonesia either by engravings on the outside or by the prints on the lining on the inside. All our patterns and motives are based on Indonesian batik art.

Our bags and wallets are all handmade in Yogyakarta, Java. We have very carefully selected the workplace and people we work with and made sure their working conditions are fair. 

Our products are all made of vegetable tanned leather. We use high quality cow hides that are tanned with natural tannic oils found in the barks of Acacia trees. This traditional and eco-friendly tanning process takes up to two months. The leather is colored by immersion in a non-toxic aniline-dye bath with natural oils. The fluid is absorbed into the leather, rather than staying on top of it, which makes our leather after coloring still looks natural with the skin's grain and character still visible.

Grain, color variations and small scratches or scars in the leather are characteristic for a truly natural product. Each bag and wallet will age in its own, unique way. Over time the leather might develop a 'patina', a soft sheen that develops on the surface of the leather, imparting a character, a personality to the product.



Mrs.Tuti leads the production of our bags and wallets in Yogyakarta. She's an amazing woman with a never ending amount of knowledge about leathercraft. We're super happy to have met and be working with her.

Angga and mr. Simbah discussing the Rama backpack sample. Mr. Simbah leads the team that makes our Rama and Shinta backpacks. He has many years of experience working in leather craft and is extremely passionate about it. 

 Mrs. Yanti doing an amazing job sewing the Lovina wallets. She's very precise in her work and we're very lucky to have her in the First of June team! 

Mr. Tono leads the team that makes our Djawa handbags. His many years of experience with leather craft and perfectionism make him of great value for First of June.

First of June, Cecile Schimmel, Pria Angga Saputra, Popo Kananlima

Cecile & Angga, founders of First of June.