All our products are handmade in Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia. We only use vegetable tanned leather to reduce any negative impact on the environment. The accessories (zippers, buttons, etc) are made from recycled materials. The lining is 100% linen, imported from Italy.

If treated well your leather product should last a lifetime. The leather will age and each product will develop a unique character. To keep your product in the best condition, we recommend you use a leather care product to protect your bag or wallet from water and dirt. We recommend you use 'Collonil organic protect & care' (for leather, also the engraved parts and suede) or 'Vari leather balm' (only for leather, don't use this on suede, nubuck or engraved leather) before you start using your product. 

If you purchased a bag or wallet with engravings in the leather it is very important that you use products suitable for suede and/or nubuck on the parts with engravings and on suede, to avoid color change.

If your product gets wet allow it to dry naturally. Don’t place it on a radiator or use a hairdryer to make it dry quicker. If your product gets dirty, clean it as soon as possible by using a damp cloth or leather cleaner (we recommend Collonil organic bamboo lotion, for both leather and suede). Don’t use wet tissues to clean your product. Light scratches on the surface can usually be removed by rubbing over them with your finger, as this will replace the natural oils in the leather. Keep your product away from extreme heat and try not to expose it to direct sunlight for too long, as this may cause the colour of your bag to fade unevenly.


Vari leather balm

Vari leather balm is made in Indonesia and a natural alternative to mink oil, without paraffin or petroleum. Vari leather balm will protect your product from water drops and brings back the natural balance of oils in the leather when it has gotten dry. We have tested this product ourselves and were very content with the result. The products looked more shiny and moisturated. And when we tried to spray water on the leather it would not be absorbed, but the drops would stay on the surface (this does not mean you should immerse your product in water, or intentionally leave it to get rained on).

To get the best result we suggest you use a clean cloth to spread out the balm evenly on your product. Next to protection from water, you can also use Vari leather balm to clean your product from stains.

After applying the balm evenly to your product, let it dry for about 15 minutes. After that polish with a clean cloth to make your product shine.



Collonil organic protect & care

Our other recommendation (this one can also be used for suede products or leather products with engravings) is 'Collonil organic protect & care'. This leather care product with an olive oil base protects your product from water and moisturizes it. We have tested this product and were very satisfied with the result, both on (engraved) leather and suede.

Shake the bottle with 'Collonil organic protect and care' before use. Then spray it from 10-20cm distance onto the leather/suede product. After that wipe with a clean cloth to make sure the product is divided evenly over your bag or wallet.
For the best result repeat this process a few times.